Telemetrics/black box car insurance

Fleet operators have used telemetrics for years and many auto manufacturers have installed EDR’s (event data recorders)as early as 1994, but the telemetric’s device that black box car insurance refers to is relatively new. It is a device that measures many different aspects of the way your vehicle is operated.

The black box insurance policy its functions refer to is an option offering real savings to drivers under the age of 26, new drivers with little or no driving experience and those whose driving history subjects them to higher rates.

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The Black Box’s Function

The black box of a black box insurance policy is connected to an external data collection site. The device is mounted on or under the dashboard and it collects and records at least the following functions:

  • Braking

  • Cornering speed

  • Sudden direction changes If speed kept within limits

  • Time that car is being driven

  • Mileage driven


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Who benefits from a black box insurance policy?

Many classes of drivers can benefit from blackbox car insurance including new drivers who have just received their license and for whom there is no driving history, almost any driver under 26 and particularly those whose driving history contains accidents or tickets and drivers who seek reduction in rates because of infrequent and limited use of their vehicles or stellar safety records.

All drivers in these situations could benefit from this sort of policy and should consider black box insurance quotes from this site.

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Okay, so how does a black box insurance policy work?

First it should be noted that asking to have a black box installed does not immediately guarantee you a lower rate.

In some cases a rate for this type of insurance is offered and then adjusted with experience.

With some companies the data must be gathered for a period of time before an adjusted rate structure can be employed but the black box’s data will figure into what you pay. Over time, safe drivers who drive carefully will save money.

  • Why choose black box car insurance?

    There is really only one main reason and that is to save money! Careful driving which results in no violations or accidents is good for you and the insurance company.

    Improving your driving habits and showing how you drive now rather than the way you may have driven in the past will save you money.

    Proving to an insurance company that you, as a new driver, operate a vehicle in a safe and reasonable manner should also save you money, Finally, those whose use of a vehicle is limited in frequency and mileage should be able to save money because they represent less risk for the insurer.


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