Do you really need car rental insurance?

There’s always that question whenever you rent a vehicle. Do you want the insurance? In some cases, the answer should be no, but in others, maybe you should consider another option. Just when auto rental insurance is appropriate begins with a few questions. Do you currently own a car that has full coverage, that is collision, comprehensive, medical and sufficient liability? Does your credit card offer car rental coverage and Is your car rental for business or pleasure?

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Types of rental car liability insurance

  • LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) - Covers damage to the rental vehicle because of accident, vandalism or if it is stolen. If you have full coverage on your own car you will likely not need this. Liability only coverage alone on your vehicle consider buying or another option.

  • Liability - Many people carry only state minimum liability coverage which in a serious accident may not be enough. If you have an umbrella liability policy with your homeowners or renters it may cover you here as well.

  • PAI - Covers personal injury again full coverage frequently includes this liability only may not, an umbrella liability policy may cover here as well.

  • Personal Effects Coverage - Homeowners and renters policies may cover your personal property if stolen from you vehicle but make sure before you travel.


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Currently Insured?

When do you need car rental liability insurance and other coverages?

  • If you don’t own a car, have car insurance, or your policy is minimal then you most certainly should purchase insurance to cover any losses. There are several companies you can access here that will provide car rental insurance that will protect you whenever you rent a car.

  • Traveling for business or a mix of business and pleasure? Many personal car insurance policies do not cover business travel at all, check with your agent.

  • Any operation of a motor vehicle outside of your home country likely is not covered by your domestic insurance policy. Purchase of a policy from the rental agency is probably your easiest option.

  • Concerned about how a claim on a rental car might affect your personal policy? Auto rental insurance can allay those fears by keeping them separate.

  • Peace of mind high on your list? Rental car insurance can make sure that accident, vandalism or theft will not spoil your trip or your life.

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