Specified Time, Economical Option, Decreasing Term Insurance

One of the most economical forms of insurance that you can buy is decreasing term life insurance. This form of insurance is bought for a specific length of time during which it will pay a decreasing amount to a beneficiary as obligations lessen. Often used to protect a wage earner during their working years it’s designed to provide a sum to the beneficiary that will replace enough of the policyholder’s earnings to pay off debts.

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The benefits of decreasing life insurance make it the right choice

If you want:
  • Affordable coverage because decreasing term insurance has some of the lowest premiums available

  • Time specific financial coverage protection protects your loved ones and pays during the years that it is most needed

  • The least expensive way to pay your debts and assure your heirs that your financial obligations are met.

*This rates should not be considered to be, a recommendation of life insurance products of a particular insurer. Any rates listed above are for illustrative purposes only.

Why purchase a decreasing term policy?

  • With many types of life insurance available, there are several reasons why a decreasing life policy maybe the best option for you.

  • Decreasing term life insurance is your most affordable option. It is offered in varying lengths of time typically anywhere from 10 years up to 30. The purchase of this type of insurance is frequently used to replace the major wage earner’s salary in the event of their death.

  • The dollar amount of the decreasing term policy can be suited to a wage earner’s anticipated yearly salary, amount of outstanding debt or other obligations which decrease over time.

  • A term policy can be written with the ability to convert the policy to another form of insurance at terms end with no additional physicals required for eligibility.Providing insurance protection into the future.

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The best solution for you?

  • Your loved ones need protection but over time the needs and obligations decrease and this type of insurance can be the most inexpensive way to provide coverage during that time.

  • If that level of financial responsibility decreases then this type of policy might be perfect for you.

  • A decreasing term life insurance policy works particularly well to cover a mortgage expense as it like the mortgage decreases over time.

  • As one of the simplest forms of life insurance a decreasing term policy can often be written without an agent or purchased through a company you can find right here.


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