Who pays your bills when you can’t work?

There are thought provoking government figures about the number of days that an average worker can expect to be physically unable to work in his or her lifetime. Frightening too, are the number of accidents that are non work related but still prevent you from performing your job. What can you do? Provide for your basic needs with disability income insurance. Your best option is likely offered by your employer. Its group rate will be less expensive than an individual policy, but if it’s not offered you can buy a short or long term disability insurance policy and get a disability insurance quote right here.

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The benefits of disability insurance coverage?

If you are injured on the job or at home and cannot perform your job your pay may stop, but your bills don’t! Disability insurance coverage can provide you with from 40% up to 69% of your monthly wages. Though it does not cover the entire amount you earn, it may include overtime or bonuses in the calculation. This disability income insurance can be enough to pay your basic living expenses while you are unable to work.

  • Income Protection from 40-60%

  • Retirement Protection protect your retirement from having to be used for bills

  • Customizable Coverage the plan can grow with your income


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So, how does disability insurance work?

If you are injured or ill and cannot perform your job duties for a period of time, in most cases you may be allowed to access sick or vacation leave first, but after this is exhausted then disability income insurance if you have it, comes into play.

With short term disability insurance, which generally covers up to a year, the payments begin within a short period of time. Long term disability insurance policies, which can cover up to 5 years or more take longer, sometimes months, to begin payouts.

Once those payments begin you will likely be monitored to see if your condition has improved enough to return to work. You will likely be required to apply to Social Security for disability benefits too.

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Short term? Long term? What’s the difference?

There are three significant differences between short and long term disability income insurance policies, length of coverage, cost and speed of payment. Short term policies cover up to a year, pay within a week or two and cost the most. Long term policies take longer to pay and cost scale are cheaper. Both types of disability insurance coverage are age related, the younger likely healthier worker, will generally pay less.

  • So how much will this cost?

    In general a worker can expect to pay 1%-3% of their monthly wage for disability income insurance per month. As previously mentioned, age is a factor here as well. In general a worker's least expensive option for either long term disability insurance or short term disability insurance will be with the plan offered by their employer. If it is not on offer from your employer you can access a disability insurance quote right here. Remember, you must be employed to apply, if you leave your employer that company or individual policy terminates.


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