Key Considerations for Getting Short Term Health Insurance

Are you between jobs? Your 26th birthday has arrived and your parent’s insurance no longer covers you? Travelling or living overseas for a defined period? Looking for short term health insurance coverage and have no pre-existing conditions? Then short term insurance plans might be right for you.

There has been much information made available about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and its exchanges, subsidies and coverages but there is a less expensive alternative called short term health insurance.

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Key Benefits?

Short term insurance plans are not designed to meet everyone’s needs but gap coverage when you are out of work or not yet eligible for your company’s plan is a reason to consider a short term insurance plan? You just turned 26 and you’re off your parent’s plan but it’s only April and you can’t sign up for an ACA plan for months, short term health insurance can cover you until then. Travelling out of country for an extended time or on an assignment for up to a year, short term health insurance coverage for expatriates is available is available.

With coverage for:
  • Instant health care coverage

  • 24x7 support with no hospital restrictions

  • Comprehensive protection for 3-11 months

  • Single payment with defined start and end date

  • No out of pocket hospital expenses


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Major Health Condition
Tobacco Use

A Quick Look at the Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance Plans

If you are a healthy individual or family with no pre-existing conditions and need coverage for a period from 30 days up to a year then short term health insurance plans may be right for you.

  • Lower cost

  • Quick approval

  • Can be purchased anytime

  • Available for any period up to a year

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The cost of coverage makes you anxious? Short term health insurance is ideal for you

Consider the fact that the average premium for short term insurance plans is about 25% of the average premium reported for ACA compliant programs and you can see an obvious benefit to a healthy individual or family with no pre-existing conditions. ACA plans are available only during one open period per year and short term health insurance coverage is available year round. It is available for travel or overseas assignments which most other plans do not cover.

  • The right thing for your needs?

    Short term health insurance plans are not for everyone. Since they do not typically cover maternity, do not cover pre-existing conditions or have drug coverage for anything except in hospital prescription they are not suited to everyone’s needs. They have many restrictions which can make them costly if treatments and medical needs are on the excluded procedures but for short term coverage they can provide protection at a lower cost than conventional plans.


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