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A strong statement perhaps, but we all have teeth, eyes and are sometimes in need of additional care. Supplemental health insurance plans are just the kind of thing we may require to meet those needs and those of our family. Supplemental policies for vision, dental, critical care or maybe a Medicare supplement plan are all what is known as, supplemental medical insurance.

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Why might you need supplemental health insurance plans?

The easy answer is protection of your assets against the medical expense that the need for vision, dental, cancer or other critical care can bring. The greatest cause of bankruptcy in this country is medical expense. When you are on the fixed income of retirement then Medicare supplement insurance can bridge the gap in drug coverage. It can reduce out of pocket expense for services like vision, dental and hearing care, which are not covered by regular Medicare plan.

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Benefits of Supplemental Health Insurance Plans to Medicare Recipients

Medicare supplement insurance sometimes called Medigap provides the following:

  • A choice of plans to fit every budget now and in into the future.

  • Keep your own doctor, no network restrictions, if they accept Medicare patients.

  • Coverage anywhere you travel in the U.S.

  • Coverage for life. Guaranteed though rates may change to all members of that class insured in your state

  • Specialist who accepts Medicare patients can be accessed without a referral.

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How supplemental health insurance plans work?

The supplemental medical insurance plan can work in several different ways, if it is your primary plan for vision, dental or other types of care then it is the insurance responsible for first dollar expense. Since most insurance has conditions like deductibles, limits of service and out of pocket expense, you must be aware of what those restrictions are but providers will frequently file those claims for you. If it is a supplemental medical insurance policy for something like Medicare, it typically picks up where the primary policy leaves off. In the case of a Medicare supplement insurance policy, it can pay your deductible and any expense for a doctor or procedure that Medicare does not fully cover paying all or part of that expense based on the coverage and exclusions.

  • Who is eligible for supplemental medical insurance?

    Supplemental medical insurance plans like vision, dental, cancer; heart attack and stroke insurance are available to all who comply with the insurers guidelines. In most cases to qualify for Medicare supplements like Medigap policies you must be 65 or have a qualifying medical disability and have Medicare part A&B. Those who have a Medicare Advantage plans in place of Medicare Parts A&B are not eligible for this type of Medicare supplement insurance.


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