Want to save a “bundle” of money? Consider bundling your insurance!

Many insurance companies that provide auto insurance also cover your home, apartment or condo as well. Having that same insurer protect your possessions, home or condo and your auto can provide significant savings.

This process called “bundling” reduces what you pay and provides a single source for all your personal property protection.

Why Bundle?

  • Discounts of 5%-25% may be available on each policy
  • Managing your insurance accounts is made easier when you do it through one company and one agent
  • Have some claims or tickets? Bundled policies can be an incentive for the insurance company to continue to provide coverage
  • Greatest savings are available to those whose auto insurance costs are lower than their home/renters or condo insurance premiums

Bundling options available through AutoDriver

Auto + Home insurance

Valuable possessions like your home and automobile deserve great protection. Protect with AutoDriver and you’ll get discounts on your auto policy for including home or condo insurance.

Auto + Renters insurance

Don’t own a home or condo? Renters insurance can also be bundled with auto protection and provide you with coverage for your vehicle and possessions.

Any two or more products

Multiple policy discounts are available through AutoDriver on many property and casualty products. Contact us and see!

Personal insurance

Need other forms of insurance? Life, health as well as auto, homeowners, renters and condo insurance are available through AutoDriver.

Common “Bundling” Questions

Purchase a home policy and the discount will be reflected on your auto policy
Yes, Your combined quote will reflect the discount for multiple policies
Certainly, and the discounts for multiple policies will be reflected immediately.. AutoDriver has no expiration date to qualify for multi-policy discounts.
No problem, Just be aware that will cancel your multi policy discount and that will be reflected by increased cost for the remaining policy.

Time management is important! Want to handle all your insurance needs plus save money with the convenience of a single source? All your insurance needs met at AutoDriver.