Condo Owners Insurance at AutoDriver

Condo ownership poses some unique insurance requirements. While the master policy may cover some protections, there are likely exceptions, including the lack of coverage for the contents of your unit and your personal possessions. If you want fast claim service and a responsive organization should disaster strike, trust AutoDriver with your condominium insurance requirements.

How to Save More on your Condo Insurance Policy?

    Everyone likes to save money, right? Especially on insurance so here are some tips how you can do just that!

  • Bundle Your Condo And Auto Policy - Savings can be 10% or more reflected on your auto policy.
  • Pay The Entire Premium In Full - Savings from reduced fees and monthly carrying charges.
  • Alarm Systems And Safety Devices - Having a burglar alarm, automatic sprinkles and othersafety devices reduce your premiums.
  • New Condo Purchase - Newer condo lower rates, new to condos or conversion from renters to condo owner discount available.

You need condo insurance coverage? How about a discount?

What we cover

Contents of condo and your personal property.

Liability coverage

Personal, property damage liability coverage.


Fast, easy payment, claim and policy change services.


Bundling auto or other property to avail discounts.

Condo Insurance FAQs

Lenders require a “walls in” or HO-6 policy. It covers interior walls,fixtures and personal property within the condo.
Age of building, security and alarm systems and setting the highest financially comfortable deductible all help save money.

Condo homeowners insurance differs from a homeowner’s policy as it does not cover the structure. It may cover damages emanating from your unit like a water leak or fire but primarily covers the contents and your personal belongings. There is usually liability coverage included.