Health Insurance Plans Tailored to you and your Family's Needs

Having health insurance for you and your family is a necessity in today's unpredictable world, just like food, clothing, and shelter. However, it is imperative to weigh all angles before deciding upon which Health plan to take up.

With myriad options available for Health insurance policies in the market, make sure to choose the one that provides complete coverage to suit your lifestyle, offers proper care as and when needed, and is affordable pocket-wise, like the ones we have designed for you.

How to Choose Affordable Health insurance?

A health insurance policy covers, and pays for, your medical bills, surgeries, and other related health expenses against a premium amount paid by the insured every year.

  • Choosing The Right Plan: The quality, care, and benefits attached to each of our health plans stands the same, the only difference being in the application of benefit costs.
  • Study Your Plan Well: Make sure you know exactly what your health plan covers and offers, how it works, which are its providers, and so on, as every health plan differs from another.
  • Stick To Your Network: Always stay in your network of doctors, professionals, and clinics as per your policy so as to avoid paying more in the end.
  • Stay Healthy: Live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and fine. Get regular screenings done to ensure your health is not at stake.
  • Know Your Prescription Benefits: Know the drug coverage plan of your prescription well so that you can save on your medicine bills by availing to related online and offline offers.
  • Use Your Member Perks: Some health policies offer free subscription and discount coupons for eye check-ups, gym membership, etc. They might even offer certain incentive programs for losing weight, quitting smoking, and so on.

Why We are the Best

We, at Autodriver, bring the best of the platter for you to choose from. Our health policies have been designed to provide you with the best health care at the most competitive prices.

All under one roof.

Our dedicated team helps you to get the best eHealth policy, be it for personal use, family, business, or any other specific requirement, all under one platform.

Compares policies.

Our portal hosts several plans for diverse needs and with multiple gains. It provides quick estimation calculation to enable you to make your choice without getting confused.

simple step to good health.

Getting tailored health insurance with us is as easy and secure as buying anything else, with a single one click, in simple, easy, and convenient steps.

Trustworthy Relation.

With over 200 years of experience and having served over 95 million satisfied customers worldwide, our numbers are enough to highlight our trust and liability.

Why is Health Insurance Required?

Health insurance saves you from incurring hefty bills for your health check-ups and treatments, including surgeries and related diagnostics.
Health insurances have certain underlying factors like co-pays, deductibles, in-and-out-of-network services, which need to be carefully scrutinised before making your selection.
The Affordable Care Act, 2010, allows patients with pre-existing conditions to get health coverage from health insurance companies. Also, children below 26 years of age can be attached to their parents' plans and enjoy the benefits of the plan too.
Older individuals and children can opt for special public health insurance plans like Medicare and CHIP (children's health insurance program). These plans have options to cover certain disabilities, as well.

With Auto Driver, you can get your hands on a broad spectrum of health coverages- for medical, dental, or vision-related issues- ranging across 13,000 options from over 180 carriers. We offer the best combination of health plans as per your suitability and requirement at the most affordable premiums for you and your family.

So get in touch with us today and let us take care of you and your family's health at best. Remember,'health is wealth', and it cannot be substituted for anything else.



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