Renters Insurance: Coverage for Theft, Fire and Injury

Your landlord covers his building, not your possessions. Theft, disaster or injury to a visitor while in your apartment, is on you! Rental property insurance can protect you from loss as well as lawsuits.

A renter’s insurance policy can also provide you with living expenses if your place is uninhabitable. Didn’t think you needed renter’s insurance? Think again, get a fast quote today!

Low Cost Renter’s Insurance covers your “stuff”

A fire, theft, or storm damages your place and possessions, what do you do? With renter’s insurance those kinds of happenings can be covered. Your place unlivable? Some policies can cover temporary living expenses. Visitor takes a fall at your place? Lawsuit protection as well as medical coverage for the injury can be a part of your renter’s package.

What gets covered?

Like most insurance you buy the coverage you need. But in general:

  • Clothing
  • Electronics like TV’s computers, home entertainment equipment
  • Home furnishing including furniture and your appliances
  • Toys/other games (arcade systems, pool tables, ping-pong tables, etc.)
  • Tools/power equipment
  • Appliances you brought into your place (refrigerators, washers and dryers, etc.)

Tips to get discounts on home insurance

Bundle auto & renters

You can receive a 10% discount or more by purchasing your auto and renter’s policy from the same company.

Get Quotes in Advance

Some of the companies may offer you a discount for advanced purchase of renters insurance quotes. Get started today!

Secured/Gated Community

Discounts are available if you uses a key or remote to enter in a gated complex or secured community and condos.

Payment in Full

Though not strictly a discount payment in full can reduce the cost of your policy by removing handling charges.

Renter’s Insurance Cost Factors

Crime rate in your zip code has major impact in calculating rates.
A single family, duplex or condo rental is more expensive than an apartment
Your insurance score is derived from your credit history. Poor credit can result in higher rates
Buy what you need from range of options for various coverages on a renters policy

“Bundling” your renter’s policy with your auto insurance saves you money. Most insurers who sell both renters and automobile insurance offer this and provide a discount of 10% or more.