Short Term Car Insurance: Read Complete Guide

Short term car insurance is a product that can serve certain needs for drivers who don’t own but frequently rent or borrow a vehicle,wish to take their car out of the country,participate in a rideshare where they drive but vehicle is jointly or owned by another.While it is not offered by all auto insurers,check with an agent you can find right here to see how you may benefit from a short term auto insurance policy.

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Car Insurance For Short Term: Get The Most Suitable Deal!

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The best short term car insurance offers drivers a plan that is:

  • Less expensive than the coverage offered by rental car agencies

  • Additional coverage for specific usage, like a ride share

  • Coverage on a vehicle taken out of or brought into the country

  • Coverage for short term ownership and operation

If you don’t need coverage for the traditional 6-12 months, check with an agent here at AutoDriver.


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Currently Insured?

Who Is eligible for short term auto insurance policy?

Though a short term policy may be available for drivers under 21, they are much easier to obtain for licensed drivers 21 and older.

Your license needs to be valid. Points against it can make obtaining short term auto insurance plans difficult.This is not insurance for those whose driving rights have been suspended.

Check with an agent to see if you qualify and if this type of short term car insurance cheap will serve your needs. Some provisions of a regular auto insurance policy you hold may suffice for rental cars for example.

Short Term Car Insurance Cheap Policy - What Should You Know?



A minimum of 21 years of age and possessing a valid drivers license.



Coverage can be obtained for liability, comprehensive and collision for vehicle.



Typically lower than adding an additional driver to a policy



Though not written by all companies, it is available and often easier to obtain.


No Claims Discount

An accident could affect your current auto policy’s costs and discounts.



Most insurance contracts are sold for a minimum of 6 months.

Vital Guidelines On Securing Short Term Auto Insurance Plans

There are a number of times when a buy cheap short term car insurance cover may be just what you need.

  • Adding a temporary driver with a short term auto policy can provide coverage when your regular policy will not. Some insurers will only cover family members so if you are allowing a friend temporary use of your vehicle that might not be covered.

  • A temporary policy to cover a student driver or someone whose driving experience is limited can protect you and prevent claims against your policy. Remember claims will usually affect your rates.

  • A temporary policy that covers your vehicle while in storage can protect you if it is damaged in some way while not in use.

  • A temporary short term auto insurance policy may be a cheaper way to obtain better coverage for you than those offered by rental agencies. Frequently their policies are designed mostly for their benefit and protection and not yours.


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